Sport and Male Sexuality

How does sport impacts men`s sexuality?
It is believed that the main male hormone – testosterone – impacts almost all traits, from appearance to behavior, and it also directly connected to men`s sexual desire. It is responsible for height, muscles, and physical strength. Its high level can lead to aggression, and in sport, aggression is something that pushes athletes forward and makes them win. Thus we can conclude that men who achieve success in sport can also have a great libido so talented sportspeople can also be good lovers.
The science says that to be sexually active, men require an efficiently working cardiovascular system and well-circulated blood that flows to the genitals. It can be achieved by regular training of the heart, muscles, and breath. However, professional sports can lead to the opposite results: too hard training and sleep deprivation may cause fatigue and lower the libido. So how are sport and male sexuality connected, and can sport improve men`s sexual life?

The role of sport in men`s attractiveness

Before we go any further, we should ask you whether you have someone to check our theories on. If not, you can consider online dating, and namely, one of the proven websites observed in snapsext reviews . And now, let`s talk about the stereotype or cliché that women like athletes more than others. This can be answered by the investigation of the Canadian team of researchers who had a theory that women are more attracted to athletes because they are interested in healthy men. Also, sportspeople demonstrate motivation, determination, strength (due to the big muscles), and teamwork. Men who are involved in sports are considered to be more competent and wise in other areas as well.
These researchers were mostly interested in comparison of team and individual sports and wondered whether team sportsmen were more attractive. They gathered 120 females and 110 males, all students of Canadian university-aged from 18 to 25. First, they took part in a small study where they rated people of the opposite sex. The highest and lowest-estimated pictures participated in a bigger study. All participants were shown a picture with a short description (like team sport athlete, club member, etc.). Then the description changed to high-rated by others or low-rated statements.
All pictures were different in status, attractiveness, and involvement in sport. Then the participants were asked to answer the questions about these people and give them characteristics: impulsive, committed, pleasant, financially stable, selfish, lazy, etc. The results of the women rating men were the following:
- The type of sport (individual or team) didn`t matter. Team athletes were given social skills and characterized as more competitive and promiscuous. Individual athletes were described as healthier and having emotional disposition;
- Both individual and team sportspeople beat non-athletes in all fields, from social skills to health and confidence;
- The attractiveness of the picture and the described status both positively impacted the perceptions of personal characteristics. The sport was as significant as the good-looking when talking about positive traits while high status showed a real boost.
From this experiment, we can state that being an athlete, a man automatically becomes a positive and attractive guy for women, and it doesn’t matter whether he plays alone or works in a team. Sportspeople have a significant advantage over those who don`t go to the gym, so in other words, if you want to be loved by women, go in for sports. It doesn`t matter what kind of sport you choose, but in combination with high social status, you can be a well-respected and liked person.

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