About Us


The One-Two Magazine is the creation of Dave Cook who noticed there was something missing in the grassroots game. We have a whole host of magazines dedicated to the professional side of the game but what about the junior leagues? What about the clubs and players who are the foundation for the beautiful game in Britain?

That ‘something’ is One-Two Magazine online where the junior players are the ‘stars’ and the clubs are the cement that hold our great game together at the grassroots level. We are viewed by thousands of youth players, coaches and parents and is dedicated to championing the junior football family.

After all, the Premier League stars of today were once plying their trade on Saturday and Sunday mornings for their local junior clubs. The One-Two Magazine online notices that tomorrows stars are today’s grassroots players and is there to showcase their talents.

Dave has two sons who play in the junior leagues in Lancashire and is himself the coach for Whalley Juniors U10’s. This means Dave has had a first hand knowledge of the grassroots game for years and it was this passion that made him want to put something back.

We see the new look website as a central hub for the junior footballing community where clubs are free to advertise tournaments, events, fun days, etc. A site where all stories, no matter how small, will be published. One Two is here to shout out it’s pride in our children and our junior clubs. This is the heart and soul of football in our country.

One-Two Magazine online is the voice of grassroots football so join us and let’s make that voice heard.


The One-Two Magazine online is proud to support and help our junior teams.

One Two Magazine Online